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Need some help building your site?

I bet you are wondering what the difference between a web designer, a web developer, and a webmaster is.
Web designers are usually more about the aesthetics of a web site. Web designers want to make a good looking website.
Web developers are usually more about functionality. If you need databases, php, or coding for something specific, this is where the web developer excels.
So who is the best choice?
Some individuals or companies offer both and if you are going to do anything more than a small, simple website, you may want to pay the extra cost to be able to work with both.
For a simple website that doesn't need fancy interactivity or a database, you are best off going with a web designer. Their services are usually cheaper and they are more focused on creating a great looking website for your visitors.
If your site is going to be heavy on interaction or you need databases, shopping carts, etc. then pay the extra cost and hire a web developer. If there are problems, they will be best suited to solve the reason why something is not working properly.
A webmaster is, well, honestly anybody can call themselves a webmaster and not know much more than how to use front page. There are some very good webmasters out there who really know their stuff though. A really good webmaster will be able to assist you with things such as purchasing the right hosting, troubleshooting DNS issues with routing, maintaining the site with updates, and setting up email accounts.
Be sure to read Protecting your investment before entrusting someone with your website.

Do you really need to hire someone?

Maybe you want to learn how to do your own site or you just don't have the budget to pay someone else. You can still have a great looking professional site for a minimal cost and work. Templates are a great alternative. I have built many sites from scratch, but since this is my own site and I am a bit crunched with time, the entire layout of this site was a template from Free CSS templates. It saved me a lot of time, it cost me zero dollars. I can edit the pre-inserted text and links with that of my own choosing with a minimum amount of work. It doesn't make me a bad webmaster or website owner. I know that most templates already have an optimized layout that make them easy for browsers to read and load. Be honest, how many people do you think noticed the footer on the bottom of the page with the advertisement for Free CSS templates or if they did, even paid it much attention?