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Companies that specialize in Hosting for E-Commerce and Businesses

Most Shared hosting companies can provide E-commerce and business hosting. Budget hosting is great for a personal website and is great to truely dip your feet in and test the waters if you really don't know where to start. Many small businesses do quite well on a shared hosting platform. The important thing to remember is that if you are going to spend less on your web hosting per year than you do on your monthly cell phone bill, then you should expect to have downtimes, slow loading web pages, and bounced emails. If you expect to make a real commitment to the online portion of your business, I highly suggest that you consider learning how to work with a VPS Virtual Private Server. For an e-commerce, you want to have hosting that offers dedicated SSLs, (Secure Socket Layer is the encryption that protects data sent over the internet. It's what provides the https and padlock.), and databases. If you use your own merchant account services, then you may also need to find a web host that offers PCI, (Payment Card Industry), compliant systems.
Some hosting companies that offer PCI compliance:
A2 Hosting, Inc.
GSI Hosting
Web Hosting for Idiots
Fire Host
Crucial Web Hosting