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Getting a domain name

A domain name is the name of your website. Choose a domain name carefully. This is an essential element of your new site. I can't tell you how many times someone will purchase a domain name and then decide that they have a better idea. Domain names are NON-REFUNDABLE with almost every registrar. The reason for this is because domain registrars have to pay a fee to several organizations and to the governing body for the top level domain you choose when the domain name is created. If you purchase a domain name, you are pretty much stuck with it for the full year.
The key elements to a domain name are:
1: Make it as simple as possible to remember. The easier it is to spell, the less chance someone will mistype it. Use common words and use common spellings. When possible, do not use dashes. Keep it short, people don't like to type out long website names. The best way for your website to get a visit is word of mouth. Make your domain name pronounceable and easy to remember.
2: The more your domain name has to do with what is on your site, the more likely you are to get chosen from a search engine listing. You are likely to get a higher ranking in the search engines if your domain name contains one of the keywords on your site.
3: BUY YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME! You can see more about this in the article Protecting your investment. If you do not read this article, trust me, DO NOT let your webmaster purchase your domain name for you. Participate in your investment and purchase your own domain name.
4: .com is the most popular top level domain. People are more likely to remember things as .com, even when the site they were looking at was a .net or .org. If you can get the .com version of the domain name you want, it will probably pay off to purchase that. I am not discouraging you from purchasing a .net, .org or any other top level domain, but suggest that you may want to ALSO purchase the .com version if you have the chance.
5: Many hosting providers may not be full hosting companies and may actually be what is known as a "reseller" of hosting products. For this reason, I would recommend that even if the domain name registration comes free with the hosting, purchase the domain name through an accredited domain name registrar or large, well known hosting company separately. Domain names are rather cheap. Most of them start at roughly $10 per year for registration. The lesser used top level domain names or country domain names such as .us, .mobi, .ca do cost more and can sometimes only be purchased for a 2 year or more term rather than the common 1 year term. Not all registrars sell all top level domains. If you are looking for a specialty domain ending in .fm or .tv, you may need to do some searching for a registrar that can sell those. These top level domains may also have certain criteria that needs to be met to obtain them as well. For example, to purchase a .ca domain name, you must either be a current resident or citizen of Canada and the Canadian government has to approve the registration. List of ICANN accredited registrars