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What kind of support you can expect from your web hosting provider

I get 24/7 support with that web hosting right?

Many web hosting companies provide 24 hour, 7 day a week technical support, but how much support do you actually get? Web hosting companies really don't provide much more support beyond letting you know if the problem is on your end or theirs.
Scope of support may be to provide you with the correct settings for your email client, not how to set the email client up. They will let you know that mail is working on the server, but will not guarantee that you can send and receive email from your MacMail or Outlook.
This can be upsetting to many customers who don't have the technical knowledge to understand that their own firewall, anti-virus system or even Internet Service Provider, (and they do), may be the cause of mail not working even if it works for other email accounts.
So you may wonder what the point of 24/7 technical support is if they can't fix your issue. They are not there to hold your hand and walk you through how to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver, they are there to tell you if the problem you are having is on their end or yours.
Blunt and to the point, but true. Many customers get easily upset or frustrated with their web hosting company because the technician will tell them to contact the support for the product they are using or to contact their internet service provider. Everyone points the finger at the other company. The problem is that the poor customer is caught between the companies just trying to get their product to work, and may not know the correct way to ask the question that could solve their problem. The customer may not understand that there might be something else on their computer causing the issue even.
There are times when you may get a technician who just doesn't know the actual answer either though. It doesn't hurt to call back and get a second opinion, but for the most part, don't get frustrated if they are unable to tell you more than the issue is on your end.
You can see why many people are willing to pay the extra cost to have a webmaster take care of the technical aspects of their site.