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Just because you have a website, does not mean you are going to get much traffic to the site. There are over 6 million websites to choose from, how does someone find yours? Website marketing is a very important part of bringing traffic to your site. It can be time consuming and it can be expensive. Here you will find several things you can do for free to help cut your costs. You may still decide that you need expert help or that you have the advertising budget to pay for this. The specialization of advertising websites is called search engine optimization, SEO.
1: Flash sites, while pretty and dynamic, are very difficult to get ranked on a search engine. Unless you know how to create the special content information for the search engines to read, you are relying solely on your domain name being recognized and link backs to your site to get ranked in the search engines. If you have a Flash site- it may be worth it to purchase SEO.
2: Don't pay to have your website submitted to the top search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN- They are free to submit to. Almost all of the search engines actually pull their information from the information supplied by only a few of the top search engines. When you see advertisements that an SEO company will submit your site to over 900 search engines, they may be sending the information to about 10 places. The other search engines pick the information up from those 10 places.
Submit to these top search engine directories for free: Yahoo, Google, MSN, DMOZ open directory, Scrub the Web, ExactSeek, Alexa, InfoTiger, WhatUSeek, SearchSite, Gigablast.
Most people get frustrated that they do not see their site on the search engine right away. It takes roughly 6 to 10 weeks for many of the search engines spiders to get to an individual website. Submitting the website to a search engine to many times can actually cause the site to be banned by that search engine, so be patient.
3: Create a site map. This is an important feature that will allow a search engine to make sure it has not missed pages that need to be indexed. Some search engines, such as Google, allow you to submit your sitemap directly to them. Other search engines will find it while crawling your files. Use this free service to generate a sitemap
4: Register your domain name for as long as you can. Believe it or not search engine companies actually give more weight to domain names that are registered for long periods of time because this shows them that you plan to be around for a while. ICANN regulations limit this length of time to 10 years.
5: Content. Content. Content. The information provided on your web pages is one of the most important ways to bring traffic to your website. The more the information on your web pages matches what is entered in the search engine query, the more likely your site is to show up at the top. Make sure the information on your pages is targeted to the people you want coming to your site, then make it insightful and interesting so they stay to read more.
6: Networking is key. The more links that can be found to your page from outside sites, the higher your search engine ranking. Getting listed in directories and exchanging links with other sites is one of the most important ways to build site traffic. Directory submissions and contacting webmasters are the way to do this and this is the most time consuming portion of search engine optimization. There are many companies who will perform this specific service for a fee if you find that you do not have the time or patience.
7: If you are going to be building your own site, see our article about tips for SEO on the webpage. If you are not creating your own site or you are not up to learning how to edit code, then you may want to look into purchasing further services from a company that can assist you with the website optimization.

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