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This site is here to assist you with choosing the right type of hosting to fit your needs.
Find articles, tools, and links to get your website launched with the proper exposure to bring traffic and customers to your site without getting ripped off.
Web hosting can be confusing, frustrating and expensive for those who do not have a basic understanding of a few principles.

1: There is more than 1 type of hosting, choosing the RIGHT hosting is important.
     Learn about the different hosting types
2: The basics about protecting your website and domain name.
     Protecting your investment
3: Planning to sell something on your website? Here is what you need to know first.
     What is needed for an Ecommerce site
4: A website does not mean instant visitors. Website traffic takes work.
     What you can do to bring visitors to your site
5: What can you actually expect to get from your web hosting company.
     What the web hosting company provides

Who is Web Page Start?

Web Page Start is a small business for those who need the services of a webmaster or need to have a simple website built for them.
The company owner, Spring, has worked in the web hosting industry as a senior technical support agent specializing in shared web hosting issues and as a trainer for new employees coming into the web hosting industry.
She built her first website in 1996 and maintains several current sites.

Sites currently maintained/being worked on by WebPageStart: